Flushing Cannabis Plants Before Harvesting

As a cannabis grower, I have found that flushing my plants before harvest has many benefits. Flushing involves watering the plants with plain water without any added nutrients for a period of time before harvest. Here are some key points to keep in mind:

  • Flushing removes any leftover nutrient buildup from the roots and soil of the plants, giving them a fresh start and allowing them to absorb any remaining nutrients in the soil.
  • Timing is crucial when it comes to flushing. It’s best to wait until the harvest window is almost open before starting the flush, which usually begins two weeks before harvest.
  • Flushing too early or too often can restrict nutrients and restrain the plants from growing properly.
  • Use plain water without any added nutrients for watering your plants during flushing.
  • Water your plants with plain water until you see runoff coming out of the bottom of your pots or containers.
  • Continue watering with plain water until you see no more nutrients coming out in the runoff.
  • Wait until your plants are dry before harvesting them.

While not all growers believe that flushing is necessary, I have found that it improves the overall quality of my buds. By properly flushing my cannabis plants before harvest, I can ensure that they are free of any leftover nutrients and minerals, resulting in high-quality buds.