Bubble Hash versus Temple Balls

Bubble hash and temple balls are both forms of cannabis concentrates, but they differ in their production process and characteristics.

Bubble hash is a type of cannabis concentrate that is rated on a scale from one to six stars, indicating the level of filtration it has undergone. The higher the star rating, the better the quality of the bubble hash, with six-star hash being the highest quality. This rating system is based on how well the hash melts, with six-star hash leaving no residue when vaporized, indicating a high level of purity and a robust terpene profile.

On the other hand, temple balls are a form of hash that originates from bubble hash. The bubble hash is gently pressed and heated, causing the trichome heads to burst. This process releases the terpenes and activates the cannabinoids. Temple balls are a traditional and artisanal form of hashish, known for their quality, potency, and distinct method of production. They are renowned for their ability to preserve the trichome heads for long-term storage, thanks to the protective outer layer that minimizes oxidation.